AirBnB & VRBO Short Term Rental Styling

Transform your space,
transform your bookings

Ready to create Short Term Rental property listings that hook potential renters and "stop the scroll"? We design the show-stopping, experience-creating, drool-worthy interiors that set your rentals apart from the competition.​

Our concierge-level design and procurement services are available to help you create the experiences and stylish looks that your guests crave while simultaneously providing you a return on your investment.  

We can help you with everything from the paper products to the silverware to the furniture and decor.  Packages include assembly, installation and a marketing photography package to help get your property ready to rent as quickly as possible!

Occupied Home Staging

Bring your Las Vegas home to life
& sell its potential

A staged home creates a memorable first impression for buyers. It increases their emotional connection to the property and helps them imagine themselves living in the space.

Setting the stage for your buyers will also help you decrease its days on the market. It highlights your home’s best features, makes living spaces cohesive and shows its full potential.

Working together, we uncover your home’s hidden worth by using what you already own to maximize your profit.

Pricing based on Level of Service & Home Square Footage – Book A Call for More Information

Staging Successes

Staging Success